CW Logistics Limited

Unit 17 Warehouse 1
Halesworth Business Centre
Norwich Road, Halesworth
Suffolk, IP19 8QJ

Tel : 01379 871437
our guarantee
  Your Guarantee  

CW Logistics is a company that understands just how damaging warehousing and delivery mistakes can be to your reputation. We are so confident in our standards that we back them up with a guarantee.

Does your warehousing company let you down? Do they make mistakes that cost you time and credibility?

We guarantee a minimum of 99.5% picking accuracy.

On those days when it is essential an order goes out correctly and on time, can you really relax? Are you confident that your orders are going to be fulfilled to your exact requirements, the way you would expect if you were doing it yourselves?

We will send you confirmation of receipt of your order within 2 hours. We offer guaranteed despatch from our warehouse within 2 working days of receiving your order. And sooner when possible.

When you think of outside warehousing, do you feel frustrated and powerless to effect any change? Do you think of staff that come and go and have little interest in your business and product?

We motivate and reward our warehouse staff to get it right, first time, all of the time.

CW Logistics is a company that will deliver and guarantee its service level, or We pay to put it right.



C W Logistics Ltd, Unit 17 Warehouse 1, Halesworth Business Centre, Norwich Road, Halesworth Suffolk, IP19 8QJE

Telephone: General: 01379 871437 Mobile: 07985 924365 Email:

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